Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide Flowers

The 1.01 update brought the gardening feature to Pocket Camp which lets players plant, cross-pollinate, and harvest flowers.
A tutorial will walk you through the basics of gardening and provide you with seeds and flower food to get you started and seeds can be purchased from Lloyd.
Choosing an empty soil spot will allow you to choose one of your seeds to plant. It’s a good idea to have as much variety as possible to use for cross-pollination.

Plant types all have their own growing time but this can be sped up through the use of flower food or Leaf Tickets.

During this time the soil can dry out so checking back periodically to water the plants may be necessary to complete their growth.



Once fully grown, plants can be harvested. This adds the plant to your inventory and they can either be exchanged with Lloid in Flower Trade or used in cross-pollination.

Be careful when harvesting, it is very easy to accidentally grab plants you don’t want to harvest.

Flower Trade

Harvested flowers can be exchanged with Lloid for potted versions of themselves and other various items to use as furniture in your campsite.


Harvested plants can be added to planted flowers to generate new seeds. Sometimes doing this won’t grant any seeds but this does not mean that the flowers are incompatible.

Flowers can only be used on the same type, so Tulips can only be used on other Tulips and the seeds generated will have different rarity levels.

It appears that flowers used to pollinate have a high chance of giving seeds of its own kind. Evidence also suggests that the flowers can throw any colour seed but that some are far rarer than others and some combinations may have a greater of giving certain types.

You can also visit a friend’s Garden and use their plants to cross-pollinate with to get more variants faster.

Flower List

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