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It grows to roughly 6 to 10 feet but can get even taller in the right conditions. Deer won’t touch agaves, mahonia, yuccas, bananas, pineapple, palms or artemesia but hostas, hydrangeas, day lilies, purple heart & roses are their absolute favorites.

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The list was compiled with input from nursery and landscape professionals, rutgers new jersey agricultural experiment station (njaes) cooperative extension personnel, and rutgers master gardeners in northern new jersey.

Deer proof flowers bc. Decorative gardens often take the brunt of deer pressure. The plants with a check are deer resistant once mature, but must be protected while young (see tip #2). I thank you for republishing the deer resistant plants.

Depending on where you live, these beautiful plants should have less appeal to deer in your region. Grazing deer can be a major nuisance for gardeners in coastal bc, on the gulf islands, and in the interior portions of the province. The usual caveats apply to this list:

Other deer exclusion plants include: Almost every gardener loves the scent of roses, but for deer a rosebush smells like dinner. Learn how to use deer resistant plants to thwart grazing deer from eating your flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

No plant is ever 100% deer proof, but here's flowering shrubs that will give you a better fighting chance. Most of our plants are grown on site, so you know they will do well with the local climate. Sun loving flowers that resist deer.

• deer will often try a new plant. Last summer i had a nice display of colour along with alyssum. Plants marked with an asterisk * are best bets.

While plants with these characteristics deter deer, be aware that no garden without a high fence can be completely deer proof. It sets the perfect backdrop for the periwinkle blue flowers in late spring. The following is a list of landscape plants rated according to their resistance to deer damage.

Some gardeners have successfully planted a perimeter garden of “deer fodder” to provide food so the garden plants are left alone. Strongly scented foliage like lavender,. I gave up on flowers, instead plant colorful foliage, blue star juniper, yellow, orange rocket, sunjoy barberry, and different varieties of boxwood.

Deer will “remember” these plants as edible and may start browsing them regularly in future years. Deer won’t bite the flowers as they are want to do on other flowering shrubs. My deer are city deer and can’t read deer resistant labels?.

Deer avoid plants with fuzzy leaves and those that are strongly aromatic. Catnip's botanical name is nepeta cataria, which means it is a type of catmint. With a wildflower attitude, the fragrant sumac provides a plant with manageable growing rates, pest and insect invulnerabilities, and, as the name implies, a pleasant odor when the twigs or leaves are bruised.

With over 30 years of experience northwest bay nursery specializes in deer resistant hedging, annuals and perennials for nanoose bay and vancouver island. In our area deer population can be high, causing them to browse on plants they might normally avoid. So you can safely add cosmos to your list.

Deer often feel safe in pursuing a snack on plants at the end of driveways or lining a sidewalk. Deer will also be seen in existing. We are also home to some of the most beautiful hanging baskets around, and a wide variety of trees.

Design a garden that’s unappealing to deer by filling it with deer resistant perennials. Deer are often the cause of damage to shrubs by two different ways, browsing (eating) or rubbing or both. You could go out and plant some of the coarse evergreen shrubbery that deer are known to avoid, but you may find yourself just as disinterested in the garden as the deer if there are no flowers to enjoy.

See this complete list of deer resistant flowers courtesy of the victoria master gardener association (2013). I have partial morning sun, so the barberry adds an interesting color. I love flowers so when my neighbour planted cosmos and said the deer won't eat them i immediately planted many cosmos.

By using deer repellent powders and nets. The best way to prevent damage is to avoid offering up trees and plants they find palatable, and to fill the landscape with resistant flora. Prune the shrub once a year after it's done flowering to control its height.

Damage to shrubs in a garden or landscape has become more of a problem as new homes are built in suburbs that are spreading out into the deer's natural habitat. Its finely textured foliage doesn't offer much sustenance for deer, so they typically pass it by in favor of something meatier. See more ideas about shrubs, deer resistant shrubs, plants.

In victoria, bc canada we have herds of deer. Deer do, indeed, so if deer plague your garden, the rainbow fizz spirea, which is japanese in origin, is the shrub for you. Deer tend to ignore these 24 annuals and perennials that also add color and texture to a garden.

I don’t like buying expensive plants for deer fodder. Vegetable gardens, full of tender greens and food, should be. Love ‘em or not, deer are going to be around for as long as we’ve got gardens.

Keeping the above in mind, here is a list of plants that deer will almost never eat. Buckeye, lilac, viburnum, butterfly bushes, and eastern sweetshrubs. Deer proof / resistant shrubs and bushes.

This small, 2 to 4 foot shrub, repels. Botanically speaking, any plant listed as being in the nepeta genus is considered to be a catmint.

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