How Long To Smoke A Pork Butt

The hard part is in the keeping the smoker going for 14+ hours while it slowly smoke cooks to perfection. The best way to smoke properly is to use cherry wood chunks in your electric smoker and set the smoker at a proper temperature of around 225 degrees.

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When the pork butt reaches 165°f or when the color is perfect (about 3 hours), remove meat from smoker and wrap in a double layer of heavy duty foil.

How long to smoke a pork butt. Either way, i always get the product fresh from my local butcher. You can use any good smoking wood, in this case, we’re apple wood. Other factors to consider are the size, shape, and type of the meat being smoked.

Once you are done smoking the meat for about 7 hours, take out a piece of foil and wrap the meat in it and keep it on the pit for another hour. Smoking the pork butt, the right way! Cooking this smoked boston pork butt is gonna be a slow and easy process.

How long to smoke a pork butt. While every piece of meat will be different, the general rule for pork butt is that it will need 90 minutes to smoke for every pound of meat. Smoked pulled pork is extremely easy to make with only a few steps required for getting the pork ready for the smoker.

Pull the pork butt and allow it to sit on the counter for 30 minutes before grilling to allow it to dry. While your meat smokes, you have plenty of time ti fill. How to smoke a pork butt in an electric smoker?

The trick here is to smoke the chunk of meat for about an hour for every pound till the temperature of the pork is about 185 degrees from the inside. To get decent pulled pork the internal temperature has to reach at least 195 degrees or better yet 203 degrees for the best result. About an hour before cooking, take the pork butt out of the fridge and let it settle.

How long to smoke pork butt or pork shoulder. Before applying the dry rub, coat the pork butt with dijon mustard to give an additional flavor and also to allow the dry rub to properly coat the pork butt. Get to the smoking process.

At 205* rest or hold the butt in a cooler wrapped in towels until ready to serve. Knowing how to select the perfect butt is crucial. Smoking pork butts in the electric smoker is the ultimate flavor enhancer technique for this particular meat.

I won’t even look at the pork for at least 2 hours. Before smoking the pork butt, the aim is to get it to room temperature. For example, an 8 pound pork shoulder will take about 16 hours from start to finish.

As such, a 7 pound pork butt like the one in this recipe will take approximately 10 and a half hours to fully cook. Memphis rub is one of the most important ingredients in this recipe, infusing great flavor into the meat and building an incredibly tasty crust or bark. The pork butt’s weight determines how long it needs to smoke.

Franklin received the james beard foundation award for best chef: Here are 6 marvelous steps to smoke the best boston pulled pork butt! I shoot to maintain my smoker temperature at 225 degrees f and can typically plan about 2 hours of cook time per pound of pork.

An average estimate for smoking pork butt is 1 hour of cooking time for every pound of meat. Pay attention to coal, wood, and water levels, refilling with more as needed. Remove the pork shoulder from the smoker and wrap in butcher paper or aluminum and place in a cooler to rest for at least one hour.

Place pork butt back onto 300 degree smoker and continue to cook for 2 hours or until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 205°f. On an electric smoker, it is easy to set this specific temperature by turning a dial or entering the number on a keypad. Taking the time to do this will ensure you get the most flavor.

Add 1/2 the batch to the foil pack or place it in a pan with your butt, when the it hits 165*f. Well, if you have a reliable electric smoker that you can utilize, cooking this sumptuous delicacy is really worth the try. How to smoke a pork butt image courtesy of ty nigh on flickr

For a sweet finishing sauce for pulled pork: Learn pitmaster aaron franklin’s method for smoking in the pork recipe below. Generally, you need to plan on 2.

Continuously monitor the temperature with a probe thermometer. But this is an educated guess, and there's no absolute rule on the matter. Place the pork butt on the grill and let cook for 3 hours while spraying with apple juice every hour.

Cover the pan with foil and continue to heat to 205*f for pulling. If you're going to slice it, cook to 185 degrees. Every cut of meat is a little bit different though, so if you want real control over how your meat is.

Make a double batch, butter optional. Place the pork shoulder on the grate above drip pan after the smoker begins to smoke and is at 250 degrees. Smoking pork butt depends on butt size… no joke here.

What temperature do you smoke pork butt on an electric smoker? Insert a temperature probe into the pork collar and place it into a smoker.

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