How To Change Spotify Username From Numbers

A display name replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and friend activity. Like hpguru said above, you can’t change your username.

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If you suspect that another user might be using your spotify account to stream music, it’s possible you may have signed in on another device and forgot to sign out.

How to change spotify username from numbers. This allows our users to be able to choose a display name. In my opinion, spotify should change the display name to username, and then change the username option to another option for identification, which will not cause misunderstandings for users. If you’re annoyed of the random numbers claiming your identity on spotify, we have some unfortunate news for you:

Spotify:user:1198351434) and it will show you the same user on spotify. Unfortunately, there is no way to change your spotify username once you have opened an account. That’s why they consist of random numbers and letters.

How to change your username in spotifyon a windows pc. How do i kick people off my spotify 2020? Spotify does not allow you to change a username, but you can create a custom display name which replaces the username.

Usernames are created automatically by the system for security reasons. If you have a common spotify account, then the numbers are an alternative username). There was no option whatsoever to add a custom username, but it allowed me to choose a name.

Spotify:user:qwerasdfdfghghjk) but also you can search with these codes also (ex. Here’s how to change spotify username from numbers and pc. Press the down arrow in the top right corner of your screen.

Even though this might sound like a simple task, unfortunately, that’s not possible with the standalone app or the spotify web page. Spotify doesn’t allow users to change their usernames, and the music streaming. Should you register on the platform using your email address, spotify will automatically generate a username in the form of random numbers and letters.

A lot of us have an account created via facebook. Here’s how you can change your spotify username from desktop and mobile phone as well. I’ve read other posts in the community about similar issues with usernames and i’ve already tried to log out and log in again, both on spotify and facebook.

On your profile page, tap edit profile. To change your spotify username you just need to open spotify mobile application. If you want to change your display name in this forum, ask an employee to do it.

The most important info being: I contacted the spotify support now (on a sunday, kudos!). Your username appearing as a combination of numbers:

You can also add or change your profile photo here. Go to settings and there you will see social option under that you will see connect to facebook. As soon you connect your facebook account to spotify account your profile name.

I’ve read elsewhere that this is something to do with facebook and whether or not you use facebook to login. On my account page, it still says my username as it was before, but on all instances of spotify, it is the random series. Here we will learn two ways to change our random generated username to our desired name.

You are let to edit your name as much more times as you need, but not more than are of 3 times within a single minute. This process is the same for windows and mac. This has the advantage that several users can use the same display name.

On the edit profile page, highlight and then change your display name, and then tap save. To resolve this, try logging into your account with your own device. You should automatically open to the home page, but if you don’t, tap home and then tap the settings gear icon.

Spotify doesn’t allow you to manually edit your current username, but linking it to facebook will switch your spotify display name to your facebook profile name. This wikihow teaches you how to link your spotify account to facebook in order to switch your username to your facebook display name. In settings tap your display name.

He couldn’t see why the reconnect didn’t worked, so he supported me to create a new account and migrated my playlists on the fly to the new account. As you said, it is your device username (if you have a facebook account, the numbers are your username. All new spotify accounts have an automatically created username that usually is a string of letters and numbers.

Change your spotify username on desktop. Open the spotify app on windows or mac. If you register another facebook account, you will simply get another set of numbers.

After signing up, i checked my spotify settings and it said my username was. In summary, you can use two different methods to change your spotify username. The spotify username is a string of seemingly random letters and numbers in order to make the overall spotify experience better and reduce the chances of someone hacking into your account.

Custom usernames inside spotify are only for those who registered before facebook was required. The other day i joined a premium for family account and since then my username has changed to a series of numbers. Here is how you can change spotify username on desktop in few clicks.

It sometimes can get bugged and you may have your device username as numbers (happens to me with facebook that instead of having my name, i only see numbers). How to delete spotify account (2020 update) This is very inconvenient, and sometimes, i forget my email, the only close to memorizable way of signing in to spotify.

As of a few weeks ago, my spotify username has changed to be a series of random characters. Old one is closed now. It’s fast, it’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of steps because the required info to sign up for a spotify account is being read from the facebook profile used when signing up.

As we look to improve the overall spotify experience, we’re now automatically generating usernames, hence the random numbers and letters. Spotify is old so while you grew, you may have grown out of the name that you initially used. So, many spotify users are now looking the answer to one question “how to change spotify username”?.

Tap your display name to change it.

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