How To Clean A Toilet With Coke

You need to open up a can or the bottle of the coke. Step 3 flush the toilet to dislodge the clog.

Use Coke to Clean Stubborn Toilet Stains with This

Clean your toilet with coke.

How to clean a toilet with coke. But how can you clean your toilet with coke? Pour the coke into the bowl, specifically around its rim, and let it flow over the stains, making sure all smears are given an even coating of coke. Give them a try and discover how you don’t have to use harsh, expensive chemicals to keep your toilet clean.

Pour a small bottle or can of coke into the toilet bowl and leave it for one hour. An old but golden tip: See more ideas about cleaning household, diy cleaning products, household hacks.

That, in itself, makes coke useful. Cleaning the toilet with coke is the best use of this carbonated drink. It will not feed any mold or bacteria with sugar water (#2 ingredient in coke).

Just wanted to “alert” you that after reading this post, it may “spoil” your appetite. It’s not required as much in order to clean the toilet. From your toilet to your car’s battery, these cleaning tips will make you run out for a 12.

See more ideas about hard water stain remover, toilet cleaning, cleaning hacks. Twelve fluid ounces are present in a standard sized soda that basically becomes in 1.5 cups which are actually enough. Get rid of any staining with a toilet brush and voilà, your toilet will be spick and span.

We are going to be talking toilets ladies! The next morning, flush the fizz away and. 2 5 new year’s eve.

How to clean toilet bowl stains with coke. Pour coke in your toilet as cleaning solution! And, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, sliced grapefruit covered in salt is also an effective scrubber that can be used in the place of a toilet brush.

There are 75 or more odd uses for coke, including unclogging a toilet. You might also be interest in the following: Small rusted objects can be left overnight in a glass of cola.

How to clean a toilet with baking soda and vinegar. Open a can or a bottle of coke and measure out a cup or two, as you will not need much to clean your toilet bowl. This will force the toilet to empty.

Coke is more useful than you may have thought. You can in fact clean toilets with coke. Step 2 soak the toilet bowl in the coke overnight.

Then, pour the coke over the stains around the bowl of the toilet, coating the walls while it flows into the water. Either turn the knob on the side of the tank to turn off water flow and then flush the toilet or fill a large bucket with water and dump it quickly into the toilet. It may sound like an urban legend, but plenty of folks swear that coke dissolves toilet rust rings.

If you have a larger bottle of coke measure only 1 cup. Let it sit for an hour and then flush. High acidity nature of coke perfectly cleans all rust and stains from the toilet bowl.

As well as being just as effective, it’s kinder to the environment too and is a useful tip for. Coke works well as a toilet cleaner since it contains phosphoric and carbonic acid in it. Then flush and clean the toilet bowl.

The acids in the coke break up the clog overnight. Scrub with a clean toilet brush and flush. And it also smells pretty darn good.

Try to get it under the rim and focus on any stubborn stains. This is why you shouldn’t eat chicken every day. If the purpose of the coke is its’ acids, vinegar is 5% acid and costs $1dollar.

Coke can be effective in cleaning mild toilet stains. Combine it with other cleaning agents. Next, open a can of coke and pour it into the bowl.

Leave the soda in the toilet overnight. Leave it on for a while and use the same procedure as above to clean the toilet. Remember you do not need a lot of it for this activity.

Soak a cloth or piece of paper towel in coke and place it directly on top of any really dirty areas. The third option is to use coke with other ingredients like borax, baking soda, vinegar, lemons, or hydrogen peroxide. But coke has many more uses outside of quenching your thirst on a warm summer day.

Pour half a bottle of coke in the toilet. Adrienne carrie hubbard | crafty little gnome. Sounds strange, but watch the video on the next page if you’re curious!

How to clean your toilet with COKE! Easy, inexpensive

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