How To Make A Balloon Arch

I have made all of my balloon garlands using fishing line and a large sewing needle, but now there are so many balloon arch kits that have the balloon strip! Try it on for size.

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Hang the balloon arch with 3m hooks + double stick tape.

How to make a balloon arch. All you have to do in order to attach a balloon to the arch tape is pull the knot through the little perorated holes! Be sure to get the clear fishing line so that you can. Width + height = approximate total length.

This is really the last official step! When learning how to make a balloon arch for the first time consider the balance and start with the biggest balloons first. Blow up your balloons to a variety of sizes.

After you’ve threaded most of your balloons (except for those little ones), it’s time to see how it fits. Start attaching balloons to the balloon arch tape. A roll of any size should do the trick.

With a friend, lift the arch cord from both ends, keeping gentle tension on the cord from both sides. Distributing them throughout the tape at intervals considering where you are going to hang the arch and where they will fit when finished. Keep alternating balloon colors and sides until you have a balloon strip as long as you want your arch to be.

Attach them to the balloon tape. There are some many ways to make these arches. Glue on more balloons to the balloons already affixed to the tape.

Attach the balloon tape (this isn’t sticky tape, but rather clear plastic tape with holes to push the balloon knots through) to where you want your balloon arch to be. Side the cord all the way down into the pole. Decide where you want to hang the balloon arch and place tiny, clear 3m command hooks where you want the arch to hang.

Using the balloon arch strip distribute your biggest balloons. Why i love this super easy balloon arch. To figure out the size of the balloon arch you want to build, measure the height and width of the area where it will be displayed.

Next, anchor the arch by sticking the ends into a bucket filled with gravel, pebbles, or sand. Decide on what color you want your arch to be, and find a bulk bag of latex balloons at your local dollar store ($1 for. We made our clusters with the large balloons using only four small balloons, and a pair of two large balloons, totaling six balloons in these clusters.

Hook the fishing line on each hook and arrange the balloons by sliding them along the fishing line to create the perfect look. I tend to like color schemes that focus on three main colors. Simply have someone hold one end of the balloons, and you hold the opposite.

Bases can be made from: Cut a piece of beading wire as long as you'd like your arch, plus 18 inches on either end. Once secure to the wall, blow up smaller balloons and tie at the end.

If you are making a really large balloon arch or are planning on making several balloon arches, you may want to consider investing in an electric balloon pump. The ability to accurately complete a job cost form is the difference between a profitable balloon décor job and a day wasted. To make your own arch, you’ll need two bases, columns or connectors that fit into the base, and flexible material that spans the columns.

How to make a balloon arch 1 to make an arch that's wider than it is tall: An organic balloon arch is defined by an arrangement where the balloons seem to naturally spread out with varying sizes and colors.

The arch brings focus to an important area, whether an altar, the party's entrance or a particular table you want to draw attention to. Using command strips and string, attach to desired area. For the bhldn shoot it was pink, mint, and white.

I then supplemented it with shades of those colors. This guide will show you how to create a balloon arch, focusing on calculating the distances and number of balloons needed to make a balloon arch. They will provide the lift for the arch.

First step in creating your very own balloon arch is to get your balloons. (affiliate links included) fishing line. To make a classic balloon arch, cut a piece of sturdy wire to the length and height you want the arch to be.

Make your life easier by using a balloon arch kit. They come in different lengths and hold the larger balloons. For our balloon arch, we alternated clusters of 8 small balloons with clusters incorporating our large balloons.

You can add a few more balloons if needed into some of the holes you skipped if it feels too sparse, but make sure to leave some room to add the small balloons in later. When we were planning to make this balloon arch my friend brought up the idea of using tape. Creating a balloon arch in times past was a long and tedious process.

Balloons (i bought this big package of 144 balloons and used about 3/4 of the bag on this ended up being about 18 ft long.) balloon pump *optional, but highly recommended. If you’re doing an arch, do a visual check to make sure the arch is tall enough. I’ve seen people use cardboard, chicken wire, pvc pipes and sssso much more to make them.

This is a plastic strip that holds all of the balloons! Slowly bend to create an arch and insert each end of the cord into the top of each extension pole. Insert the belly button end of the tied balloon through the strips holes.

How long does it take to make a balloon arch? We recommend using smaller balloons on either end, to create a tapered look to your arch. Build an inexpensive balloon arch with materials you can find at any hardware store.

How to make a balloon arch without helium. 2 for an arch that has the same height and width: The key to the success of creating a similar balloon arch is variety of balloon colors and variety of balloon sizes, which you can create with how much you blow it up.

Use the following calculations to work out the approximate total length of your arch line or frame. A balloon arch is inexpensive, easy to make and can be customized for a theme or event with the type or colors of the balloons you use. A balloon arch can add style, color and flair to any gathering from weddings to baby showers to birthday parties.

Repeat until desired fullness, mixing colors as you go.

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