How To Make A Scrunchie Easy

I used to teach girls and some boys to sew and they loved making a scrunchy. This scrunchie has a lace trim between the seam on the outer edge.

How to Make a Scrunchie {2 sizes} DIY Scrunchie Sewing

Learn how to make a scrunchie!

How to make a scrunchie easy. I taped the elastic to a pencil, wrapping masking tape around the elastic and pencil on each end. Idea 2 lace edged scrunchie. Ever wanted to make your own scrunchie?

Read the tutorial on this website. I’ve got a simple but professional method for making them, with a free tie piece to go along. Attach safety pin at one end and weave the pin through the inside of the tube and pull it out on the opposite end.

Next, fold the fabric in half lengthwise so the printed side is facing inward and sew the edges together. This is a basic scrunchie with a slight difference. How to make a scrunchie with a sock.

Learn how to sew a scrunchie here today! Whoever decided that hair elastics were better than scrunchies was a crazy person. Insert elastic and stich together.

It’s a super easy diy project — here’s how to make your own scrunchies, step by step. Make sure to follow the guidelines. Close the gap to cover the elastic.

You can create any color or pattern you want to tie up your hair. I think a diy scrunchie makes a great back to school sewing project too! This tutorial includes an optional “bunny ear” bow too.

For a complete tutorial of this method to make a scrunchie, watch this video. Fold fabric lengthwise so it’s inside out and pin along the center. Scrunchies are so fun and easy to make.

Making a scrunchie with a hair tie. It takes about 5 minutes to make a scrunchie, from start to finish, and the result is adorable. Match the long edges, and make sure your gap is 1 inch or so and closer to one end.

This is a very easy beginning sewing craft. If you want to make a traditional sewed scrunchie, or a bow scrunchie, i’ve got you tween girls have been obsessed with making scrunchies. Making a scrunchie by hand is easy and barely requires any materials.

Slip the open end of the scrunchie over the end with the exposed elastic and sew straight across, backstitching at beginning and end. Let’s learn how to make hair scrunchie, it’s so much fun! It is easy to match your hair scrunchie with your outfit when you make your own.

This post may contain affiliate links. Turn tube halfway to the right side, match short raw ends. The last thing you want is the elastic to break when the scrunchie is being used.

If you need help with how to teach kids to sew, do check out our beginner basics! The only other thing you’ll need is some elastic. Then, cut your piece of fabric so it’s 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Fold fabric in half and sew the long edge, leaving a gap in the seam. A diy scrunchie is really quick and easy to make and it is a fabulous way to use up odds and ends of fabric. Includes a sewing pattern and photo tutorial.

Pull the strip right side out. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. These instructions are so simple, that you can make beautiful scrunchies for your friends and family, too.

Scrunchies are a perfect beginner sewing project, a great way to use scraps, and a delightful diy gift for friends.learn to make your own scrunchies in five super simple steps. Trends are so funny to me. Thread the elastic through the fabric.

They’re so easy and fun. The video is embedded in a spoonflower blog post about making scrunchies that discusses how to choose a fabric. This tutorial features one of the most common ways to make a scrunchie based on my research.

These are the best if they’re made out of satin, velvet or any soft and silky type of fabric. I also think that these easy scrunchies make a fabulous little gift for a friend. Thread the pencil through the scrunchie tube and once the elastic is in the tube, remove the pencil and the tape.

Iron the tape for 2 seconds on all sides. My 10 year old has even sold them at her school carnival and they are the first thing to go. Make the scrunchie the same way as explained earlier.

Download my free sewing pattern here. This is an easy sewing project for any beginning sewer so i hope you enjoy! Cut a small piece of tape to fit around the edge of the opening.

We made it similar to your instructions. I’ve researched a lot of scrunchie tutorials, but there aren’t many methods for hair tie scrunchies. Plus, they make perfect gifts.

While also expressing their personality. Straighten the fabric to make sure the seam is in the same position all the way around the scrunchie. Thread the pencil (with elastic) onto the fabric, scrunching it up as you fish it through.

Making your own hair scrunchies will not only save money, it will mean you create unique hair accessories. Sew a straight line across the edge and remove pins once you’re done. It is perfect for teens and tweens to learn how to sew.

So i sat down and brainstormed my own way. Now you have a tube of fabric with elastic inside, coming out of both ends. And there is a size chart for 7 scrunchie sizes, scroll down!

If you have extra hair ties lying around, this is a great way to use them up. Elastic rubber band or hair elastic (good quality, not easy to break) Tie the elastic in a knot.

Today i’m showing you how to make diy scrunchies with hair ties (also known as ponytail holders). How to sew a scrunchie. You don’t really need a scrunchie pattern to make a scrunchie but if that’s something that you would find helpful, then let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for the reminder that a scrunchy is easy and fun to make. They take about 5 minutes of time and the supplies are basically free since you’re using scraps and some elastic, let me show you how to sew a scrunchie. When i was in middle and high school you wouldn’t catch me without a scrunchie on my wrist.or in my hair!

To make a hair scrunchie, start by cutting a piece of elastic that’s about 4 inches long and 1/2 an inch wide. A super simple sewing diy! Slide the knot to the opposite side of the fabric opening.

Make sure you’re using a good quality elastic! If you think there’s a little girl that might like a scrap fabric scrunchie, you should make her one and make her day. Simply use up any odd bits of fabric you have lying around the house, or recycle old garments in pretty prints.

Then thread the other safety pin through the fabric hole until it comes out the other side. The length of the video is 4:03 minutes so it makes for another quick to watch tutorial. Attach 2 safety pins to the end of your elastic (one on each side) and pin one of them to one of the short ends of your fabric.

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