How To Make Purple Rice Yogurt

Look at all of that sticky rice! I will be honest, the cooked rice after 3 hours looks like a failed rice pudding you would probably throw away, but i swear that is what it should look like!

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Lemon, dried cranberries, black rice, turnips, leeks, heavy cream and 46 more.

How to make purple rice yogurt. Sweet potatoes, toasted sesame oil, plain yogurt, black rice and 7 more. Yomie’s purple rice yogurt, 13.90 ringgit. Put 8 cups of water in a big pot and bring it to a boil over high heat.

First time for trying yogurt drinks over here. And make sure that the rice is at room temperature before adding the yogurt mix. It was on the starchier side, so this may serve better after a light meal.

There’s also having very chewy & tasty purple rice inside. I felt like i ate an entire bowl of rice after drinking. If you are not a fan of yogurt or sour taste, no need to worry because their yogurt tastes not sour and less sweet.

Yogurt as a bubble tea alternative? The customer service are really friendly & energetic. Recommended instructions is that if you let the drink sit for 5 minutes, it will allow the “taste to become enhanced”.

With all the boba shops in town, it would be nice to see a new type of drink offered. Red bean is an easy favourite, and so was the red bean purple rice yogurt (s$6). Rich series 5 products vc series 4 products

It was different, i suppose. Also, that’s my mate there, just chilling in the background. Starting from soaking, cooking, steaming, stewing then cooling down to 70°c, there are 11 preparation steps in total before the purple rice.

Definitely not the usual dessert variety we come across usually. It is easy, delicious and healthy. The texture of the sticky rice works so well with that yogurt.

The textural contrast between the soft red beans and the chewy purple rice was a fun experience, and it was a very enjoyable dessert drink. Yomie rice x yogurt is found at westgate, the centrepoint, and citylink mall. Yanmi yogurt’s purple rice yogurt drink might just be the new bubble tea.

Added little sugar for taste. This rice pudding can be served warm or cold and if you serve it cold it can be made well in advance to save you time (up to 2 days). Before drink, shake the cup 10 times (remember not to poke the straw in first) to better blend the purple rice and yogurt.

Besides using nutritious ingredients, yomie implements a strict sop to make sure the purple rice and yogurt are procured and prepared properly. Purple rice recipes are easy to execute and add a splash of color to the dinner table. Wash the purple rice first and soak for three hours.

Oh my god, this is so good! When i went again and asked if they could reduce the rice, the cashier told me the drink would only be half full. A clear cup of yogurt smoothie with a lot of purple rice as the topping.

To ensure its flavor, the purple rice is cooked intricately. Turnip and leek soup with black rice living the gourmet. A combination of yogurt and purple rice that is definitely will make us full.

(if it is a sweeter yogurt, you don’t need to put rock sugar) use the mold to buckle the cooked purple rice into a cute shape, and pour the yogurt or coconut milk! The first sip, i can felt the yogurt smoothly melt on my tongue. Yomie’s purple rice x yogurt is one of the first purple rice yogurt speciality brands to go global with.

Then all you have to do is add the yogurt and, if you want, a little garnishing. 6,085 likes · 243 talking about this · 689 were here. A new purple rice yogurt shop is about to open in arcadia, ca, which also happens to be the original home of the 626 night market.

The famous yogurt drink brand has been expanding rapidly with over 100 outlets worldwide, and have finally made their way to singapore. The main attraction here is the purple rice yogurt which was what we decided to go for. Curd rice is quintessential comfort food!

Purple rice and soaked rice water are slowly cooked in a wok, then mixed with rock sugar to cook. Smoothie ($7.20), where creamy fresh avocado is the star. Upon trying, my indian friend summed it up really well “this is thairu and pulut hitam lah”.

The only unique one was the jujube purple rice yogurt. Other popular options include the yomie’s oats yogurt ($5.60), made with the healthy grain, and the avos! The purple rice yogurt is good, but there’s a lot of rice in it.

Yanmi yogurt serves up these delicious yogurt drinks from their new outlet at wisma atria! Yanmi’s purple rice yogurt ($4.30) for first timers and want something adulterated, go for the classic yanmi’s purple rice yogurt. I’ve tried the classic original purple rice yogurt this morning.

It doesn’t seem like a stretch to have a frozen yogurt shop serve yogurt drinks. Yomie’s rice x yogurt originates from shanghai and they stand out in the traditional yogurt drink scene by selling yogurt drinks made from purple rice. Cover the pot and lower the heat to let the water simmer for 3 hours.

You can also add mango to your taste and turn it into a mango yoghurt. A few already make yogurt and others can use. It is light and simple.

Think you save your money to buy avocado milk at alexandra food village better lol. Yanmi yogurt’s purple rice yogurt drink might just be the new bubble tea. Overall the drinks are great without being too sweet.

Or add other fruits is also delicious! The yogurt not only makes the rice pudding even creamier, it adds flavor and allows you to get creative with the presentation. Let’s give it a go!

I think the only drinks worth ordering are the ones with purple rice in them, just for the uniqueness factor. Yogurt black sticky rice pudding (sua chua nep cam) is a beloved dessert of people of all ages in vietnam. Just wish i didn’t make to make a meal of it!

Ordered the melon melon, passionate from miles away, and jujube purple rice yogurt. Usually turmeric is not added in curd rice but i added it cause it says so in the recipe. The melon and passionfruit yogurts were ok, they just tasted like blended yogurt smoothies.

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