How To Shave Your Face With A Straight Razor

The “modern” razor goes back to the late 1600’s with the development of the “cut throat” razor (aka the straight razor). Start with a clean, washed face.

Shaving with a straight razor is a whole lot easier than

Rinse your face with cold water and throw on a bit of your favorite aftershave.

How to shave your face with a straight razor. Doing it your self can be quite a challenge, so we composed some tips to help you with your next shave. Much like any shaving procedure, you have to start with the basics: Straight razors were the way most people shaved for hundreds of years.

Start from the top of the chin. Stretch your skin when shaving. Grip the handle firmly, adjusting as you shave for the contours of your.

With the razor in your right hand, toe pointing upward, reach across the face, and shave downward. There’s nothing like a hot towel on your face or the manly fragrance of shaving cream to sap the stress right out of your body. If you press too hard, you’re likely to end up cutting yourself.

Use your free hand to straighten the skin so that you can always work on a flat surface. If you enjoy shaving, and are willing to learn, mastering the straight razor can be fun and rewarding. A straight razor shave is one of the closest and smoothest shaves you will ever have.

Before you shave, it's common to fill the sink with cold, clean water to use for rinsing the blade. Always shave with the hair’s grain rather than against it. Do your cheek area and then your jaw area.

How to prep your face to shave with a straight razor john slater/getty images. Using one requires a steady and practiced hand as this helps in avoiding irritation and cuts. It is advisable to shave using a thick lather since it gives you that prefect clean shave.

Pull the area that you intend to apply the straight razor on when shaving until it becomes tight. You're shaving the hair off your face, not the skin. The straight razor is known for its timelessness and nostalgic feel.

Plus, a straight razor has a timeless, classic style. You don’t want to hold the razor flat against your skin as it will tear away at your hair follicles and skin. The few times i’ve gotten a straight razor shave, i’ve fallen asleep because it’s so darn relaxing.

Keep your shaving kit ready and clean and sharp. Be careful not to get burned if the water is too hot. Hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and perform short, sharp strokes with the grain.

The experience is definitely a treat. Just like a safety razor, hold the straight razor at a 30° angle against your cheek. Start on one side, drawing your skin taught with your other hand, and shave downward in slow strokes.

Then, use your index finger and thumb to grip the metal part of the straight razor that connects the blade and handle. Starting with the neck (why? Shaving with a dull razor is how cuts happen, and it makes the skin very irritated.

The straight razor shave is the facial for manly men. Unlike a disposable, where you put some force downward on the blade, try not to apply pressure, and let the blades weight and shaving angle do the work. Of course, you can visit your local hair mechanix for your next shave.

Choose a straight razor if you’re ready to take shaving to a whole new level of skill and smoothness. While this tutorial is meant to provide you with the details you may require to shave, no shave is efficacious in its effects unless there is proper shave preparation.we will not delve into shaving preparation here, but be aware the quality of your shave is more often dependent on the preparation of your skin and hair than the razor itself. The traditional straight razor is an open long blade that usually folds into a handle.

By taking a hot shower you soak your face and the hair becomes a lot softer and makes it easier to shave and prevent razor burn. How to shave your face with a foil razor for the first time. For one thing, a straight razor shave gives you more control than a standard bladed razor.

Apply warm water to your face and let it run for around five minutes. If you hold it to steep, then you’ll likely cut yourself. Let us now look at the steps by which you can use a straight razor:

While receiving one of these shaves is relaxing and leaves you feeling smooth and clean, actually. If you don’t feel like taking a shower in order to shave, soak a small towel in warm water and place it on your face for a minute or so. A straight razor gives you the closest shave possible.

Switch to the other side next. Walk your left fingers down as you get to the lower part of the cheek and chin. You can dip the blade into some water beforehand for a little extra lubrication but some people like to do this dry.

To shave with a straight razor, start by applying shaving cream to your beard. Keep pulling the skin taut. Make sure you use a 30° angle when shaving to prevent the straight razor from cutting your skin.

Take the first strokes from the corner of your mouth, across the skin to the center of your chin. Upper lip, chin, and then under your chin are the final steps in a proper shave with a straight razor. You can then shave any remaining hairs with short upward strokes;

If you are prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs, shaving with the grain is a surefire way to prevent them, study your beard and feel. Only shave with sharp, clean razor blades. This razor was predominantly used by many men prior to the invention of the safety razor.

With short strokes, you first take care of the smooth areas such as the cheeks or neck. When you’re ready, bring the razor to your face. With the traditional wet shave, your straight razor should be set to an angle of about 30 degrees.

Remember, the best way to get a close shave is with a sharp blade, so follow the steps below to keep your equipment.

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