How To Solder Copper Pipe To Brass Fitting

Can brass be brazed to copper? Cut the pipes to length.


It draws the molten solder into the void between the pipe and fitting

How to solder copper pipe to brass fitting. Connections are made between sections of iron pipe using threaded fittings. For some reason, i can't get the solder to suck into the joint. This action is caused by heat.

If the solder doesn’t melt, the pipe needs to be hotter 7. Leave the valve open so pressure doesn’t build inside the tube and cause the joint to leak. When it does, it will turn black and begin to smoke.

When i search google for solder nipple or brass solder nipple it only seems to be able to turn up that they are still available in the uk, but then the nuts seem to have british pipe threads on them, not us threads. Heat the joint with a propane torch until the flux begins to boil. Make sure that you add some flux to the area to be soldered.

Rub down the outside of the pipe with a rag. Place the 2 pieces of copper/brass you want to solder on a hard surface. Capillary action is the basic principle that makes possible strong and neat solder joints for copper tubing.

Apply a small amount of flux to the pipe 4. Heat the opposite side of the fitting to ensure the heat is evenly distributed. Copper is a thin metal that cannot be threaded, and can be difficult to weld.

Beside this, how do you solder copper pipe and fittings? Be sure that you are applying heat to your fitting rather than your pipe. For copper and brass tubing the flared end of the fitting nests inside the fitting body, providing extra support to the tubing.

Heat the joint with a propane torch until the flux begins to boil. Heat the fitting to sweat the copper pipe. When it does, it will turn black and begin to smoke.

The only real difference is that you will have to use a dielectric union at the point where the copper pipe joins the iron pipe. 5heat the fitting to sweat the copper pipe. About 8% of these are pipe fittings.

When you have soldered one half of the fitting to a pipe, solder the other half to the other pipe in the same way. Spread soldering flux on the outside of the pipe and the inside of the fitting. Use emery cloth or steel wool to clean the outside of the pipe.

A dielectric union, which is similar to a regular union used on iron. The biggest mistake a rookie makes soldering copper is they allow the heat of the torch to melt the solder. Hold the tip of the flame against the middle of the fitting for 4 to 5 seconds or until the soldering paste begins to sizzle.

Traditionally, copper pipes have been joined with solder connections.these are made by putting the two ends of a copper pipe into a joint (a tee if more than two are being connected) or a sleeve, which fits over the ends of the pipes. Flux is a paste that you'll find next to the solder at the hardware store. Move the tip of the solder around the pipe to make sure the solder fills all the space between the fitting and the pipe.

Clamp the pipe between the cutting wheel and the guide wheel of the tube cutter. Once that brass gets heated it, the copper will be more than ready to take solder. Add copper solder from several points and examine the joint to make sure the solder fills the joint on all sides.

After the solder has cooled, wipe away any excess, making sure that solder completely encircles the joint, with no gaps. I'm not great, but i get the job done, until i have to add a brass fitting. You have to get both surfaces hot and the brass heats up so much slower.

If you’re reusing an old fitting that has left over solder in it here’s a cool trick that’ll aid you in installing it. Excess solder paste should be wiped from around fitting and pipe after it is inserted and ready for sweating. Soldering brass fittings, like the valve in photo 7, requires more heat.

Over the years i've soldered several remodels worth of copper pipe (water and hydronic heat). How to solder copper pipes. Place the flame close to but a little away from the end of your ball valve.

The solder will melt right into the joint. Heat the pipe using a torch until the flux sweats or bubbles 6. Ream the inside of each fitting with a wire brush.

Its purpose is to remove oxides from the metal and ensure good copper/solder adhesion. Fittings are also known as inverted 45° flared fittings. Instead of using sandpaper to remove any excess solder in the fitting, get yourself an appropriate size wire brush and cut the tip off, you could now use your new tool in a drill to speed up the process.

In this case i’m soldering a copper reducer to a piece of copper pipe. Apply the solder to the pipe. Spread soldering flux on the outside of the pipe and the inside of the brass fitting with a small brush.

Soldering iron to copper is not much different than soldering a piece of copper onto a copper fitting. The solder will melt and disappear into the joint, where it will fuse the fitting to the pipe as it cools. The second image is the type of fitting that it is. offers 919 soldering copper pipe to brass fittings products. Clean the inside of each fitting with a wire brush 2. For longer pipes, tuck the other end under your knee to hold it stable.

A wide variety of soldering copper pipe to brass fittings options are available to you, such as technics, material, and connection. Touch the solder to the pipe. Use the torch to heat the outside of the fitting (image 1).

Does soldering a brass fittings to copper pipe require a special technique? Joining two copper pipes without welding requires you solder a sweat fitting, or coupling, to connect the two pipes. The brush usually comes with the flux.

The walls of copper pipe, however, are too thin and soft to be threaded, so a different sort of fitting is used, called. Copper pipe is used in water systems in most homes to carry hot and cold water throughout the house. Clean the outside of the pipe with steel wool 3.

You must heat the copper tubing and fitting for about ten or fifteen seconds before touching the solder wire to the hot copper. Slip the fitting onto the pipe and rotate it into the correct orientation. Slip the fitting onto the pipe and rotate it into the correct orientation.

Touch the tip of the solder to the joint of the pipe and its fitting (image 2). Rotate the cutter to score the pipe all the way around. Clean the inside of the fitting with a wire brush.

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