How To Tie A Scarf On Your Head

The magic behind this tall wrap isn’t actually a ton of hair—it’s a smaller scarf twisted into a little bun to give the wrap height, regardless of the length of your hair underneath it all. Place the center of the wired scarf on the lower part of the back of your head and wrap the ends up and around to the center of your head.

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Lay the rest of the scarf over your head like hair.

How to tie a scarf on your head. Again take both the ends of the bow and tug it on your head within the scarf as shown in the image. (you can also start out by tying the scarf on the side, rather than in back, if this seems easier.) This knot should look like a bow.

Half up, half down with bow Tie a half knot in the back to secure. Pull it through a ponytail holder to hold it in place like a ponytail.

Then shop a few of my favorite scarves right now. Drape your scarf over your hair as a headwrap. Wrap the twisted ends to the back of your head and tie them into a double knot.

Place the head wrap at the back of your head, making sure the fabric is lowered to the nape of your neck. Wrap scarf around your head to the front and tie at the top of your head. This unconventional style requires a large scarf.

Open the scarf up so all the fabric is exposed, and place this over your head so that the ends are near your shoulders. Then pull the ends towards the front. Whether you’re trying to protect your hair from the elements or you just want to show off your scarf on your head, you can create a lovely loose headwrap using a small silk scarf.

Bring the two long ends towards the front of the head and tie into a knot over the triangle. Here are 10 ways to tie a scarf around your head, ranked from easiest to most difficult: Tightly twist the remaining scarf ends.

Tie the 2 ends of the triangle together in the back of your head over the back part of the triangle. Head on over to good housekeeping to see three other ways to tie a scarf. Wrap the ends to the front of your head and tie them on the hairline.

Fold a large scarf longways and rest it onto the back of your head. Twist both ends of the scarf around your hair into one large twisted section. For short hair, simply tie one firm knot at the front to secure it in place and begin twisting both ends of the.

Keep twisting until you are only left with a couple inches of fabric on the ends. Tie the other two tapering ends in a knot in front above the triangular piece. Take the two long ends and bring them to the back and tie in a knot again and tuck the ends up into the wrap.

One of the absolute easiest ways to incorporate a scarf into your look is by simply tying it around a ponytail. I used a large printed silk scarf, but all you’ll need is a scarf that’s cut in a square shape. Tie the both sides into an overhand knot in front of your neck.

Once you’re adept at tying a gypsy head scarf, you’ll want to collect several colors, styles and patterns. This works with pretty much any size or shape, so long as you can secure it in a knot. Fold your scarf in half, from corner to corner making a triangle.

Put it over your head with the triangular tip covering your forehead. Place it over your head, with the center at your forehead. Gather a scarf at the back of your head with a hair tie to create a back knot.

Tuck the triangular flap up. I love wearing this knot underneath a blazer or jacket because it resembles a men’s tie, but with a feminine touch. How to tie a turban headscarf steps.

Now start wrapping the scarf around your neck. Take them to the back of your head and tie another knot. This scarf has the look of a knot, which it is, but it has a bit more to it than just a plain old double knot.

Bring the two ends around the back of the head and tie firmly in a simple knot. Place the middle of the long edge across the top of your forehead. To create a head scarf, start by folding the oblong scarf in half.

Take one end in turn and twist it so that it forms a tight rope like cord. Tie a scarf into a doek photo: Place the scarf at front of you neck with ends of the scarf upon your shoulders ,cross the two ends with each other and bring them to the front.

Flip your head over and place the centre of the scarf at the nape of your neck. Ake this traditional turban headscarf style and add it to any casual look by watching this easy video tutorial. Fold diagonally on a flat surface, fold your scarf diagonally in half so that you have a triangle with one slightly longer side, or base.

Now take the triangle in front and tuck it up into the knot and adjust as needed. Move the scarf back from your forehead to desired position in hair. A doek is a south african a square of cloth worn mainly by african women to cover the head, especially to indicate married status.

Tightly twist the remaining scarf ends. Lay the widest edge of your scarf along your front hairline. This will hold the scarf in place whilst you start twisting!

Hold your favourite scarf that may be a small or large one and try folding long ways. Wrap the ends to the front of your head and tie them on the hairline. Fold a large scarf longways and rest it onto the back of your head.

Take the scarf and twist,fold in half and drape behind your neck. There are umpteen ways to tie a scarf around your head and the vast majority of headscarf hairstyles require minimal effort, which makes them a great option on rushed, lazy, crazy days. Head scarf as a head tie:

Gently turn the scarf, moving the knot from the back to the side of your head. Tug the long edge and the rest of the scarf taut to gather it in the back. Fold the head scarf in three so it forms a band across the forehead and the two ends hang either side of your face.

Once the scarf is positioned, twist the ends together to tighten. Wrap the scarf around your neck, so the ends are even in the front. Ultimately bring the ends up to the top of your head.

Fold the scarf into a triangle.

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